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City Glass Co Inc. has perfected the concept of glass furniture that's as strong as steel. Our pieces boast the reputation of being practically bulletproof (take our word for it - don't test it).


Using industry-leading Lexan and Plexiglass materials, our tabletops and furniture will withstand the elements, impacts, and robust wear-and-tear inside and out for years.

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What makes Plexiglass special are the positive attributes it has when compared to regular glass. Plexiglass is light weight, has high shatter resistance, better transparency, and is easily useable.


Plexiglass can be treated with UV coatings for protection and can also be tinted to any color by applying a thin amount of coating over it.

Lexan polycarbonate is a transparent material of high impact strength, used in cockpit canopies, bulletproof screens, etc.


Some of the qualities that Lexan polycarbonate has are scratch resistance, toughness, heat resistance, biocompatibility, and optical quality.

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